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Rénovation d'un Chalet en Suisse

CECB-Building energy

The cantonal energy certificate for buildings (CECB) indicates how much a residential building, a simple administrative building or even a school, consumes energy, during standard use, in heating, domestic hot water, lighting and other electrical consumers. It allows a comparison with other buildings and suggests optimization measures.

The CECB is an evaluation of the energy label of an existing building. It is mandatory when selling real estate.


The CECB Plus offers, in addition to the evaluation of the energy label, precise and detailed advice concerning the renovations of your buildings in 3 variants. The CECB Plus is compulsory from 10,000 CHF of cantonal subsidies.

  • Interpretation of energy classes?

  • A new home built to standards is in class AB.

  • Renovated buildings which have perceptible deficiencies and which do not use renewable energies generally correspond to class D.

  • Partially insulated buildings are in class E.

  • Unsanitized buildings are in class G.

  • Building technology and the envelope are closely linked, so we can have different BC CB or DD or CD scenarios.

  • A CECB expert supports you during the development of the file and the grant application.



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